New Basket Sculpture

Pit-fired ceramic art basket sculpture

And so a new basket sculpture begins… pit fired ceramic base received amazing colors in the fire. Tentatively titled “The Wave”… but we shall see as time progresses. Enjoy the journey with me!

10/16/15 – Up three rows on the pine needle weaving… the first five rows are always the toughest. After that the imagination and dance really begin!

10/17/15 – The beginning is always the slowest, but we progress…

Pit fired ceramic, pine needle, art basket sculpture

10/19/15 – Row by row… I don’t think I progress very much until I see the picture from the day before. This one is reminding me of deep space… leaning towards “Cradling the Cosmos”.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

10/20/2015 – Ahhh… now we are moving into the fun unknown! Celestial gases begin to jut outward and star-like flecks are added to the weaving. Loving the journey of this basket sculpture.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

11/3/15 – And “Cradling the Cosmos” is complete! Stop by the available basket sculpture page to see all of its photos.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

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