“Fluidity” – New Basket Sculpture

Sometimes a piece of art works on its own time table and not the artist’s. This basket sculpture is one such piece. The ceramic base was created in 2013 and sat patiently waiting for me to find my inspiration for it which I did in early summer and after numerous starts and stops, it is now complete. Please visit my Available Basket Sculpture page to see lots of detailed photos.

pit-fired ceramic pine needle art basket sculpture

Thank You!

Thank you Cowboy’s & Indians magazine for including my artwork for the fourth year in a row in your juried annual holiday gift guide! Always such an honor to be featured. Check out “Thantanjka”, a gorgeous bison skull, in the November/December 2015 issue.

New Basket Sculpture

Pit-fired ceramic art basket sculpture

And so a new basket sculpture begins… pit fired ceramic base received amazing colors in the fire. Tentatively titled “The Wave”… but we shall see as time progresses. Enjoy the journey with me!

10/16/15 – Up three rows on the pine needle weaving… the first five rows are always the toughest. After that the imagination and dance really begin!

10/17/15 – The beginning is always the slowest, but we progress…

Pit fired ceramic, pine needle, art basket sculpture

10/19/15 – Row by row… I don’t think I progress very much until I see the picture from the day before. This one is reminding me of deep space… leaning towards “Cradling the Cosmos”.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

10/20/2015 – Ahhh… now we are moving into the fun unknown! Celestial gases begin to jut outward and star-like flecks are added to the weaving. Loving the journey of this basket sculpture.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

11/3/15 – And “Cradling the Cosmos” is complete! Stop by the available basket sculpture page to see all of its photos.

Pit-fired ceramic, pine needle art basket sculpture

It’s Official!

It’s funny, just when you think you have all your ducks in a row and that you are technologically savvy, you discover that you are riding in the caboose of a steam engine train. And so it was with my original website. After many weeks of starting from scratch while trying to keep the elements I did love about my first site, I unveil to the search engine robots a new and technologically up to date website!

In all honesty, I think this new one is much easier to navigate and I hope you do too. BUT, if you find it is not, by all means tell me! I really would appreciate your feedback.

So now, off I go to do what I really love to do – ART! First up, a basket sculpture that is waiting patiently to be finished.