Stained Glass

A medium that has captured Suzanne’s passion for over 20 years almost never happened. When invited to join a stained glass class by her mother and studio partner, Anita Williams, she replied instantly “NO! As I feared I would sever an artery!” That class came and went. Seeing the amazing work her mother was producing piqued her interest and her first three piece butterfly came to being, AND she was hooked! Since that first little butterfly, Suzanne has produced custom stained glass windows, kitchen range backsplashes and murals framed in her copper bas relief frames.
“I love the challenge of cutting glass. There are rules to successful cutting and then there is the daring of the medium by making cuts that shouldn’t work and yet they do! The medium is addictive and meditative. Now, if I come out of the studio dirty with 3 band aids, I consider that was a great day!
In my most recent years I’ve gravitated towards indoor and outdoors murals. I keep wanting to go bigger and bigger. My largest mural to date is 4’ x 5’, finishing out at 5’ x 6’ in its copper frame. I’m searching for the next larger project.”
Please contact Suzanne directly to discuss a special piece created specifically for you and your chosen location. Check back often though to see if there is something already available and ready for purchase.