Angel Wings


Pit fired ceramics, pine needle weaving, mookaite jasper, brass, drift wood
Approx. size – 9″ x 9″ x 8″

I’ve never been very good at working small and this sweet little basket is the final success of working in the small. I’m use to big, elaborate basket sculptures where you have all the room in the world to tell your story. The lesson here was, less is more. The ceramic portion is actually the result of pit firing it twice and I’m so happy I did the second firing as I was rewarded with some really extraordinary colors and flashes! The mookaite jasper beads had been languishing in my stash of goodies for years and years and as always, the perfect piece appears one day that makes two objects look as though they were created for each other. I love it when that happens! My final struggle was a finishing piece. I tried every beloved found object from nature that I have in my studio – nothing worked. In frustration, I took a walk out on my patio and what do you know, I just happened to look on a high shelf of the patio baker’s rack and what do you think I found? The most perfect little piece of driftwood that nestled itself right down into the top crook of the basket. It reminded me of wings when I first picked it up and because of how I found it in my frustration, what better title than “Angel Wings”?