Ancient Memories


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Whitetail deer, stone arrowhead, stone beads, freshwater pearls, metal and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 17″w x 17″t x 12″d

Like so many special pieces I use, the center stone for this young whitetail deer is no exception. What attracted me to the arrowhead in the beginning was that the artist had left the natural bump extruding from the rock. I love that he or she included it rather than bypassing that area. I love all things unique in nature. This beautiful deer has a very strong look about him and gauging from his teeth and antlers I have no doubt he was healthy and strong. He almost has a warrior sense about him which is probably why the arrowhead called to me in the early design process. I love how the perfect pieces in my art materials collection always seem to find the most fitting home for themselves. Kismet!