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Blesbok antelope, coral, shell, wood, stone, glass and metal beads
Approx size – 22″ t x 8″w x 12″d

“Blaze” in Afrikaans is bles because of the white blaze of color adorning their foreheads. Once brought to almost extinction, this beautiful antelope has recovered in numbers to be removed from the endangered list and its population is now stable. Living in South Africa, the Blesbok prefers open grasslands and while they can run up to 42 mph they lack the ability to jump great heights like their cousins. Males and females both carry magnificent horns so it is difficult to know whether this particular animal was male or female.

I have numerous African masks that were my inspiration for this wonderful antelope. I have great admiration for the utilization of natural materials and found objects used by African artists. The metal work and numbered nails call to this ingenious use of such materials. The design elements and style used also pay homage to the Blesbok’s home and artists.