“Cradling the Cosmos”

Ram skull, turquoise cabacon, turquoise discs, onyx, freshwater pearls, wood, metal and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 11″w x 12″t x 6″d

The heavily matrixed center turquoise center stone presented the perfect stepping off point to build upon a vision this sweet little ram must have seen as he gazed up into the night sky. Twinkling lights and clusters of clouded brilliance filling the dark night and leaving lasting memories

2,100 USD

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“Crowned Prince”

Mule deer skull, opalized ammonite fossil, fresh water pearls, metal and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 19″w x 23″t x 17″d

How incredibly majestic this deer is. The strength, size and thickness of his antlers are rarely seen. The power this buck commanded is obvious and his final honoring ensures his greatness cannot be overlooked.

2,300 USD

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“Mardi Gras Dreams”

Ram skull, coral cabochon, coral branch and beads, metal and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 16 1/2″w x 25″t x 8″d

Oh, how this little ram loved his home in Louisiana and better yet, that time of year where the air filled with festivity, color and sounds of joyous revelers – Mardi Gras! The rest of the year just seemed a little drab in comparison. His mood always picked up as I’m sure did his step when he realized that once more his surroundings would be transformed once more from day to day normalcy to exciting sights, scenery and people. The joy of that time of year was permanently imbedded in his mind. Images he could call up at anytime when the days once again turned long and predictable.

2,200 USD
Seaside Gallery
Pismo Beach, CA

“Princely Counsel”

Ram skull, Orthoceras fossil cabochon, coral beads and branches, hematite and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 17″w x 14″t x 8″d

For anyone who didn’t know this beautiful ram, one would think he was of royalty. He wore fine, rich colors and had a regal air about him. But that air was in reality, a calm confidence that those in the flock relied upon to help keep peace and order in their world. His presence and counsel were indeed welcomed by those that surrounded him.

2,200 USD

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“Ancient Memories”

Whitetail deer, stone arrowhead, stone beads, freshwater pearls, metal and glass seed beads.
Approx. size – 17″w x 17″t x 12″d

Like so many special pieces I use, the center stone for this young whitetail deer is no exception. What attracted me to the arrowhead in the beginning was that the artist had left the natural bump extruding from the rock. I love that he or she included it rather than bypassing that area. I love all things unique in nature. This beautiful deer has a very strong look about him and gauging from his teeth and antlers I have no doubt he was healthy and strong. He almost has a warrior sense about him which is probably why the arrowhead called to me in the early design process. I love how the perfect pieces in my art materials collection always seem to find the most fitting home for themselves. Kismet!

1,800 USD

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“Spirit Seeker”

American bison, bas relief patinated copper, agate arrowhead, glass beads
Approx. size – 23″w x 27″l x 9″d

His demenor and adornment were simple. Less was more. That was his mantra as he aged. In his long final days on this earth, he sought peace simplicity and truth, and nothing more…

2,900 USD

Free Shipping in the Continental USA


American Bison skull, bas relief patinaed copper, turquoise center stones, coral branches, coral beads, stone, metal and glass beads
Approx. size – 26″w x 27″t x 9″d

All art begins with an inspiration. Sometimes it’s an object, a color, a texture…whatever it might be, it sparks the beginning of the creative process for an artist. “Thathanjka”, which means buffalo in the Lakota language is no exception. But his spark was an unusual one. It began with the gallery owner telling me that as this was their 5th annual western art show, the theme would revolve around the buffalo nickel, and from there, the artistic juices started to flow for me!

In researching the buffalo nickel, I discovered that there were actually three different models who sat for the artist in the creation of the Native American portrait on the front of the coin. Two of the men were Chief Iron Tail of the Lakota Sioux and Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne. The third was never accurately identified.

I became inspired by the connection between the bison and the plains Native Americans. They lived on their land together in harmony. The plains nourished the bison and in turn the bison nourished and clothed the Native Americans. Only the bison that were needed for survival were taken. There was great respect for these majestic animals.

In telling this story, I use the symbolism of tall plains grasses grazing up the face of the bison parting half way up to celebrate the beautiful geometric bead work that the Native Americans are so well known for. It is my hope that I have done both the bison and Native Americans justice and honor in the depiction of their harmonious life together.

$5,600 USD

Free Shipping in the Continental USA

“Gordon Plaid of Eight Pond Farms”

Scottish Highland bull, Rhyolite center stones (3), fresh water pearls, glass and metal seed beads
Approx. size – 42″ w x 19′ t x 11 1/2″ d

Gordon Plaid has got to be one of the most special skulls that I have had the privileged to work on. Gordon was a Scottish Highland bull and was so much more than just a bull. He was a friend and probably closer to the truth, a pet, to his amazing owners. Gordon was one member, among perhaps 250 animals that reside in a location that most of us would want to go and live should we ever come back as an animal – Eight Pond Farm. Every animal there has a name and their owners know every single one of them by their name. 

What makes Gordon so very special to me, is that I was given pictures and stories about him since he was a little bull.  As his owner told me, “Gordon was a very sweet fellow from the very beginning.  Loved his mommy Gwyneth, loved me, and his younger sister, Apple.” Gordon was one of three bulls that were being trained and he was such a gentle giant that his owner could put children on his back. Of his nature, I was told “he was a strong bull. Confident and trusting.  You know….NO animal can be trusting without first being self confident. It’s part-n-parcel of the same thing. Strength to love…”.  

His untimely passing was especially heartbreaking as he still had many years of life to be lived and loved, but a shoulder injury made his ability to live a comfortable life impossible, so his owner did the kindest thing, and now his soul runs free in heavenly pastures. It was after his passing that his owner got in touch with me and asked if I would like his skull. It pleased her greatly that I would do a final honoring of her beloved Gordon and loved the thought that he would reside somewhere with a new family who would love and enjoy him in his new state as much as his owners did while he was roaming the beautiful green pastures of their farm. 

5,500 USD

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Blesbok antelope, coral, shell, wood, stone, glass and metal beads
Approx size – 22″ t x 8″w x 12″d

“Blaze” in Afrikaans is bles because of the white blaze of color adorning their foreheads. Once brought to almost extinction, this beautiful antelope has recovered in numbers to be removed from the endangered list and its population is now stable. Living in South Africa, the Blesbok prefers open grasslands and while they can run up to 42 mph they lack the ability to jump great heights like their cousins. Males and females both carry magnificent horns so it is difficult to know whether this particular animal was male or female.

I have numerous African masks that were my inspiration for this wonderful antelope. I have great admiration for the utilization of  natural materials and found objects used by African artists. The metal work and numbered nails call to this ingenious use of such materials. The design elements and style used also pay homage to the Blesbok’s home and artists.

2,000 USD

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“Mouflon King”

Mouflon ram skull, rare Pridy Plume cabochon, cooper, metal and glass seed beads
Approx size – 14″ l x 18″w x 11″t

The Mouflon sheep are believed to be one of the ancestors for all modern sheep. This beauty hails from Europe. His horn shows the trials and tribulations of being a ram with ewe’s to protect. His strength and magnificent horns deserved something just as magnificent; a Pridy Plume cabochon which came from an old collection of the now closed mine in Madras, Oregon.  Hand wrought copper work gives the perfect frame to this rare cabochon. Purple and black beading give an elegant look to this wondrous ram, perfect colors fit for a king.

2,700 USD

Free Shipping in the Continental USA

“The Cajun Queen”

Alligator Skull, hand-crafted copper, Mexican Fire Agate, glass and metal seed beads
Approx size – 16″ l x 7″w x 6″d

The Cajun Queen surveys her territory, half submerged in her warm water bay enjoying the peace and quiet of the territory she calls home. Her final honoring dressing of hand-wrought copper adorned with worthy Mexican Fire agates befit her greatness, strength and power. No one strays into her realm without her permission. A permission that might hold promise or death, for she IS the Queen here.

4,500 USD

Free shipping in the Continental USA