Gordon Plaid of Eight Pond Farms


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Scottish Highland bull, Rhyolite center stones (3), fresh water pearls, glass and metal seed beads
Approx. size – 42″ w x 19′ t x 11 1/2″ d

Gordon Plaid has got to be one of the most special skulls that I have had the privileged to work on. Gordon was a Scottish Highland bull and was so much more than just a bull. He was a friend and probably closer to the truth, a pet, to his amazing owners. Gordon was one member, among perhaps 250 animals that reside in a location that most of us would want to go and live should we ever come back as an animal – Eight Pond Farm. Every animal there has a name and their owners know every single one of them by their name.

What makes Gordon so very special to me, is that I was given pictures and stories about him since he was a little bull. As his owner told me, “Gordon was a very sweet fellow from the very beginning. Loved his mommy Gwyneth, loved me, and his younger sister, Apple.” Gordon was one of three bulls that were being trained and he was such a gentle giant that his owner could put children on his back. Of his nature, I was told “he was a strong bull. Confident and trusting. You know….NO animal can be trusting without first being self confident. It’s part-n-parcel of the same thing. Strength to love…”.

His untimely passing was especially heartbreaking as he still had many years of life to be lived and loved, but a shoulder injury made his ability to live a comfortable life impossible, so his owner did the kindest thing, and now his soul runs free in heavenly pastures. It was after his passing that his owner got in touch with me and asked if I would like his skull. It pleased her greatly that I would do a final honoring of her beloved Gordon and loved the thought that he would reside somewhere with a new family who would love and enjoy him in his new state as much as his owners did while he was roaming the beautiful green pastures of their farm.